Hair Treatments

Ladies are dependably on the quest for smooth, sans frizz hair. Having experience in treating mishandled, dull or out-of-condition scalps and tresses to supplement rich home grown mixes to take the highest point of your head to its natural best. We solidly trust that hair are much like the same as skin, needs modified care to enable it to keep sound, brilliant and supple. Specialists at our salon prescribe the ideal treatment particular to your hair type for healthy, bouncy and gleaming hair. Give your hair what it truly needs: a nutritious intercession.

Scalp or Hair Conditioning Treatment

Keratin Hair Conditioning Treatment

Permanent Hair Straightening

Keratin Permanent Hair Straightening

Afro-Caribbean Hairdressing

European Hairdressing

Hair Styling


Texturizers extricate the characteristic twist example of a person's hair without totally rectifying it. Relaxers are intended to give normally wavy, a straight and smooth look.

Curly Perm Hairdressing

Shift the snugness of the perms winding up with a customized hairstyle, from free, sexy waves to the corkscrew twists desired by numerous bone-straight-haired young ladies.

Weaves Hairdressing

Hair weave extensions have now become popular with all types of hair, because they are so versatile. Salon offers full head weaves, half head weaves or rows of weave.

Bridal Styling

Bridal Styling offers more than styling for your big day. Experts deal with every one of the subtle elements in the hair office so client should simply sit back and focus on feeling astounding!

Braids Plaits Hairdressing

Plaits and braids have been one of summer’s most popular hairstyles and always in trend. Hair braiding is an art, and the styles of braids range from box braids to micros and cornrows.

Children’s Cornrow Braids

Try different kinds of plaits and interlaced outlines. Kids love cornrows on the grounds that the mesh lies level against the scalp, which enables kids to consider them serenely.

Face and Body Treatments


Threading is favored by numerous as it is gentler on the skin than some different kinds of hair removal and can be the better choice for delicate skin. The salon provides eyebrows threading, upper lips threading, forehead threading, chin threading, face sides threading and full face threading. Making sure the client looks great!



Waxing treatments in salon are completed by extremely experienced and amicable staff. Hot waxes are brilliant for delicate skins. Providing waxing services of full face, chin, forehead, upper lips and eyebrows. For body waxing we give bikini, belly, back, legs, under-arms and full body waxing.


Dry Hair Treatment

Lovely hair is about the well-being of hair and scalp. There are a scope of treatment to help enhance the general state of hair with enduring outcomes; and obviously to relax the customers. Experts offer full hair and scalp treatments to treat diminishing hair, dandruff conditions, dry hair and dead hair.


Bridal To-Be Makeover

At the point when it's big day, so don't believe the hair and excellence services to simply anybody. At the salon, the specialists welcome customers to plan a consultation to talk about the points of interest of the unique occasion. For stunning hair and cosmetics on the huge day, let the wedding masters to their best.